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We started out with a simple idea: How can we bring joy to people? We took a look at the market and saw a lot of pumped-up, jacked-up drinks, all promising to deliver extreme, turbo-charged results. But that didn’t work for us at all. We wanted to make something truly helpful, something that would stand the test of time.


Of course, not just tea. Joy tea. Because while on the path of increased well-being, we thought about what would be best for our bodies and minds. Turns out, it’s more about taking stuff out, not putting stuff in. No artificial colors, or flavors. No filler. So with a recipe of black tea and natural fruit flavors, we added a little of that good good: CBD.

It seems to us there’s a divide between super-charged and super-chill. Either you want to get pumped up, or you want to lay back. We don’t believe in that. We believe that a life in balance is a life best lived, and in bringing a sense of ease, comfort, and yes, joy, to everything we do. And so, we created joy tea. Blending the natural buzz of tea, with the full-body elevation of CBD. Fret not, caffeine-free friends - herbal blends are incoming.

We know you have questions. We’re here to answer them. We’re here to be your guides on a path that will help you chase after the things you truly love, while taking care of yourself along the way. if you want to learn more about us and CBD, or if you’re after more in-depth info, check out our blog. And if you want to reach out, we’re listening.