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In the same way we’re “for” joy, we are for transparent, honest communication. In keeping with these values, and with what we think is plain old common sense, we’ve provided the complete results of our lab testing on this page for your review.
Our tests are performed on every large batch of For Joy Tea, and are performed by Lightscale Labs based in Portland, OR. For more information on our CBD itself, produced by East Fork Cultivars (also in Oregon!) check out our blog. We’re very proud to work with East Fork, as they have some of the highest standards in practice and production we’ve ever seen.

Currently, we provide results for all three flavors of our tea. In future, when more flavors are available, we will provide the results here as well. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


CBD 33.6mg/unit
THC 00.0 mg/unit