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The Story of Joy

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Hi! We’re happy to see you here. Hopefully, you’ve gotten a chance to check out our website, which gives you a taste of who we are and what we’re all about. But there’s so much more we’re excited to share with you. This blog space is a place where we’ll dive deep - sometimes waxing philosophical on the art of joy, and other times breaking down the scientific benefits of CBD in daily life This is a place where you’ll find guidance, support, and some neat tips & tricks to help you.

So, let’s get into it! One of the most frequent questions we field is “why ‘joy’?” It’s sometimes assumed to be the name of our founder - of which we have two, Jeff and Thomas - or our founders’ mothers. Not so. We chose the name for a very specific reason, and to be more than just a name. It has a lot to do with love, and a little bit about basketball.

Let us explain.

If you're not into the greatest game - which is fine, we promise - maybe you've heard of the Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry. At this point in his career, Steph is now considered the greatest shooter of all time and a one-man offensive juggernaut. His dominance on the court and formidable leadership have built one of the greatest basketball teams in NBA history. When Coach Steve Kerr spoke about Curry's playing style and ability to maintain such a consistently high level of performance, one word came to mind: joy.

Coach Kerr goes on to explain that playing with joy means losing yourself in the game. He remarked that Curry is out on the court like a little kid - after all, they play a kids’ game for a living. (3) But it’s that sense of joy, that lightness of spirit, that rises above the pressure and practices and deadlines and stress of playing that kids’ game on the highest level. Curry, it seems, has harnessed joy and ridden it to immense success.

We are in the business of joy. Not the fleeting feeling of satisfaction that comes with a finished task, or the momentary happiness of purchasing possessions. Joy, true joy, is something that can, and should, be nourished and cultivated. And when it is, it nourishes us. Joy is tricky, too; it’s not something you can go out and get. It’s something that you have to look within and work on. But when it’s finally deployed, the possibilities are truly limitless.

To us, finding and maintaining joy is a practice of balance. The body, heart, and mind should work in concert to keep us working hard, but in the right direction. Too often, we become sidetracked by and waste energy on pursuits that do not feed our joy. Or we exhaust ourselves to the point that it seems we’re tapped out, and nothing we do brings us joy. That’s usually a sign that something, somewhere, is out of balance.

So in our pursuit of balance, we’d like to extend a helping hand. In a market littered with supplements and boosters that hijack our nervous systems and drain our batteries, we’ve cleared a space to offer joy tea. The premise is so simple: black tea and CBD. Naturally-occurring caffeine, and cannabidiol that’s easily processed by your body. We’re not trying to hype you up; we’re helping you find peace. And where there is peace, right there is also joy.

Stay with us to learn more about CBD itself, and how it can benefit you and your lifestyle. Yes, even yours - whether you’re grinding it out in the restaurant industry, training as an Olympic powerlifter, or running a company. Or, if you’re reading this from the comfort of your couch while on funemployment - we see you! We could all use a little more joy in our day-to-day, right?

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