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Precious Pups and Magic Cats: Pets & CBD

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In November of 2011, a portal to heaven opened up, and a tiny cat pawed forth. Lil Bub, or properly known as Lil BUB, chirped her way into Tumblr’s heart first. The internet was ablaze with interest: Who was this tiny creature? Why was her tongue always sticking out? Is she real? 

BUB’s extra-large eyes, diminutive size, and curious purrs and whirrs (1) have garnered her a thick slice of digital and real-world attention. Together with her unassuming owner, Mike Bridavsky, they make quite the pair. He adopted her, the runt of a feral litter, at the request of a friend. At the time, he had no idea he was taking in a special-needs cat. Nor did he know just how special she would turn out to be.

A Super-Rare Condition

In the first three years of her life, BUB became a published author, a talk-show host, and a movie star. There was something surprising and inspiring about this mini kitty taking on the world. And it would be easy to assume that her story is the result of merciless marketing and a demanding owner. But you should know that BUB’s “celebrity” has largely been used to give back to animals in need, and to raise awareness for her therapies. To date, BUB (and Mike) have helped raise well over $300,000 for just such causes. (1)

So when BUB was diagnosed with osteopetrosis, a frighteningly rare bone disorder, it was paramount to find therapies that would help her regain movement in her body, and maintain the quality of her life. One of BUB’s fans actually recommended the Assisi Loop, a device that uses microcurrents of electricity to stimulate hard and soft tissues in the body. BUB’s vet cleared her for treatment, and to this day, Bridavsky treats BUB to two sessions a day. He credits the Assissi Loop with helping BUB to not only walk again, but to run.   

Alternative Therapies

The Assisi Loop is not the only therapy Bridavsky credits with BUB’s success. BUB is on a CBD oil regimen for pain management, appetite maintenance, and general well-being. Bridavsky has been outspoken about his support of CBD oil for pets, as he himself has witnessed BUB’s life improve. BUB also has achondroplasia, which shrinks her size and life expectancy. She is seven years old now, which is a testament to Bridavsky’s extraordinary care - but CBD might have something to do with it, too.

The Same Rules Apply

If you’ve been creepin our blog since Day 1, you may have seen the HIGHLY scientific CBD breakdown we posted a couple weeks ago (link to that post). In it, we introduced you to the endocannabinoid system, aka, the naturally-occurring pathways in our body that bind to and process cannabinoids like CBD and THC. We also explained how and why CBD won’t get you high - so check it out! Anyway, fun fact: dogs, cats, and horses have an endocannabinoid system in their bodies, too. (2) This means that they synthesize CBD (and experience its benefits) much the same way that we do. 

The Best For Your Pet - And You!

CbdMD, who manufactures the brand of oil BUB uses, makes “companion oils” for owners. Sounds silly, but there’s logic to it. As therapists say, the best treatment for a child’s anxiety is to treat the parent. Caring for a pet fosters a close, emotional connection in us humans, one that can become uncomfortable or painful if our pet is in distress. Also, pets act as weathervanes for our emotions - if we freak out, they freak out. So, if we want the best for our pets (and who doesn’t?) it makes sense to care for the being that cares for them.

BUB’s community of fans frequently gather on her posts to ask questions about CBD, share stories of pet treatment, and wax poetic about BUB herself. It’s clear that Bridavsky has built a community of enthusiastic pet owners who are eager to explore less traditional ways to treat their pets, and themselves.

Dosing My Pet?!

All of this information is well and good, but how do you know if your pet is in pain? It isn’t easy to discern whether or not a pet is in distress. After all, they can’t tell us. Evolutionarily speaking, showing signs of distress or weakness can spell doom. We aren’t doctors - or veterinarians! - but our research has shown if you notice a difference in eating habits, difficulty with bowel movements, hiding, or (for cats) neglecting self-grooming, those are pretty clear signs something is wrong (3).

We won’t disclose dosing information here, as every pet is different, but hopefully this can give you some guidance. Consulting with your veterinarian to ensure that CBD won’t interfere with your pet’s current medications or health conditions is always a good idea. 

To Infinity and BUBeyond

When visiting BUB’s website, it lists her as “the most amazing cat in the universe.” Delivered so matter-of-factly, you almost have no choice but to believe it. But of course, the most amazing cat or dog in the universe is your own. BUB’s story, as special as it is, is defined by an owner who wants the best for their pet. How different, really, is that?

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