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A Day In The Life: Pastry Chef & Powerlifter

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We’re back! If you haven’t checked out our other posts on CBD, give them a glance. Here, we’re exploring some real-world scenarios. The fact is, there is no profession, no style of life, that can’t benefit from the therapeutic effects of CBD. Whether you’re a broker or a bike messenger, the fact is that all of our bodies and minds are worn down by day-to-day stresses and tensions. Some voluntary, some not. We could wax poetic about it all day, but the real proof is in the pudding - and the powerlifting.

Carla is 31 years old. She started her culinary career as a pastry chef, turning out custom cakes and ice cream flavors for an independently-owned restaurant in Brooklyn. As a big part of a small team, Carla bears the physical and emotional weight of her co-workers, and feels at least partially responsible for the success of the business.

“Before working here, I had no professional food experience. The chef gave me a shot, and so I feel like I want to prove myself.”

Proved herself she has - her desserts sell out every night, adding welcome revenue to the establishment’s menu. Eager to learn and grow, Carla has also added bread-making and pasta-making to her repertoire.

“I love being able to just jump in and get my hands dirty. That’s how it works here; if you can do it, that’s your job now.”

Of course, restaurant life isn’t all sunshine and meringue bows. Carla’s average day at work clocks in at ten to twelve hours, all of that spent on her feet. Frequently, she’ll spend hours after closing breaking down her station and performing inventory, another task she took on in hopes of learning more about the industry. Other times, she’ll come in early if someone else has called out.

“We’re a really tight-knit team, for sure - but the strain of it can really grind you down. If one of us goes, we all fall apart.”

As a non-drinker, Carla eschews the nightly bar crawls that the rest of the staff embark upon. It feels “alienating”, but she’s seen the effect it has on her team. They’ll miss shifts, come in hungover, or start making mistakes; a pattern Carla “doesn’t judge” but also doesn’t want for herself.

“Currently, I do a lot of yoga, a lot of stretching, drink a lot of water, all of that - which is fine, but sometimes, it’s just not enough.”

Chris is 28 years old. He’s no stranger to athletics; his father is a football coach, so training runs in the family. Chris got his start as a sprinter in high school, where lifting was “always” a component of his training. “To sprint, you need to be explosive. The best way to do that is to train under loads.”

Once he graduated, his physical focus refined itself. Realizing that his sprint coach had hampered his progress, he took his training into his own hands and started logging more hours in the gym. Already familiar with lifting, he focused on muscle growth and strength, and aligned himself with a community of “powerlifters”, who participated in a form of competitive weightlifting.

For Chris, lifting isn’t his entire life, but it is a major part of it. And as such, he’s invested the time and energy into discovering the best recovery methods for the intense practices he participates in.

When asked about his top recovery techniques, Chris volunteered the fact that “about 80%” of his powerlifting buddies smoke weed or use CBD-based products to relieve pain and reduce the inflammation that comes standard with such physical activity.

“It’s not just for powerlifting, though. The average gym-goer can benefit a lot from CBD as therapy.”

On the surface, Carla and Chris might not seem to have much in common. But looking past their professions, you can see they share an engagement in physical labor that results in real stress and strain on the body and mind. Sure, Chris lifts by choice, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Something Chris has also learned the hard way is getting his CBD from reputable sources.

“Irresponsible head shops market CBD to ‘get you high’ - which of course is impossible. It’s cannabinoids that are the same stuff sold as ‘bath salts’.”

Sounds scary, but it’s something to be aware of. We’ll explore more illegitimate sources of CBD in future blogs, but for now, rest easy knowing joy tea sources its CBD from high-quality, reputable East Fork Cultivars (1).

It’s hard enough to find something you truly enjoy, but once you do, it feels like all the “work” that goes with it is more like play. We are advocates of playing your way through your days, which is why joy tea exists in the first place. But if we’re here to sell you on anything, it’s on a peaceful, more balanced, more joyful life.



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