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If you’ve taken a Women’s Studies course in college, or have been a functioning member of society in the past decade, some terms may have caught your attention. “Feminism” is the umbrella under which these words can be found, but we’re specifically talking about sexism in business. Terms like the wage gap, the pink tax, and the concept of “female-owned businesses” have been rightfully receiving more and more attention every year.
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A Day In The Life: Pastry Chef & Powerlifter

We’re back! If you haven’t checked out our other posts on CBD, give them a glance. Here, we’re exploring some real-world scenarios. The fact is, there is no profession, no style of life, that can’t benefit from the therapeutic effects of CBD. Whether you’re a broker or a bike messenger, the fact is that all of our bodies and minds are worn down by day-to-day stresses and tensions. Some voluntary, some not. We could wax poetic about it all day, but the real proof is in the pudding - and the powerlifting.
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A Day In The Life: The Bassist & The Business Owner

Welcome back to A Day In The Life, our miniseries that dives deep into the day-to-day of two seemingly distinct, yet not so different professions. Earlier this week, we profiled Chris, a powerlifter, who uses CBD and THC products to get himself “in the zone” before a session, and to ameliorate the inflammation the weights can take on his body. We also met Carla, an up-and-coming young chef who is searching for another stress-reliever to add to her yoga and meditation regimen. Today, we’ll be talking to Mark and Lena, who both grew up in the same part of New York, but have ended up on two separate paths.
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Precious Pups and Magic Cats: Pets & CBD

In November of 2011, a portal to heaven opened up, and a tiny cat pawed forth. Lil Bub, or properly known as Lil BUB, chirped her way into Tumblr’s heart first. The internet was ablaze with interest: Who was this tiny creature? Why was her tongue always sticking out? Is she real? 
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The Story of Joy

Hi! We’re happy to see you here. This blog space is a place where we’ll dive deep - sometimes waxing philosophical on the art of joy, and other times breaking down the scientific benefits of CBD in daily life This is a place where you’ll find guidance, support, and some neat tips & tricks to help you.
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